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French Government to Vote Law Banning Linking to Press Articles

The press has been fighting Google for years in France. What they demand is getting paid to be indexed by Google even though most of them already get paid through Google Adsense and other exclusive ads. Given that they lost their battle to make Google pay, they now want to create a new kind of copyright called Lex Google or “droit voisin pour les ├ęditeurs de presse” that would make it illegal to link to their articles without paying for each of them.

Google replied that this law would kill the internet and how any search engine work, if search engines had to pay for every single link they index, they couldn’t exist at all. So, if this law passes, Google warned that they would stop indexing sites that want to be paid. This outraged the French press who called Google acting like ”multinational feodalism” (yes, really).

A voice of reason from slate.fr did agree with Google though: ”This is a total aberration: sites spend fortunes to be better indexed by Google, and they would like Google to pay them? It’s a rethoric that doesn’t make any sense. Or it could just be typical lobbying.

The last thing this country needs is more copyright laws and more state restriction on businesses. Here’s hoping this law doesn’t pass.

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