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A Preview of the Next Shapado and What's to Come

Lots have happened since our latest release in September that included a complete redesign and other cool features such as “reply by email”, CSS custom themes, mobile UI and more.

This time, for the new 4.1 release that is to come, we’ve focused on fixing bugs, polishing the UI and added a few new features that we will discribe in various blog posts.

For now, I’ll show you a few screenshots of the new index page, it isn’t set in stone yet but it already looks much more polished than it used to.

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One thing we want to improve is usability. To that end, we are going to add more documentation in general directly in the user interface. For starters, we’ll be using fancy tooltips that show information about various UI elements. As you can see in this screenshot, when you hover over a tag, you will see a description of that tag, an icon (if it has one) and a link to follow all questions with that tag.

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We’ve added tooltips to users links too so you can quickly get an idea of who a user is and follow that user in a single click.

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Finally, we’ve also added new icons and improved the overall style of the app. For example, this is what the new badge widget looks like.

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In other news, we are now officially incorporated as a US company, so Ricodigo Inc is now a reality! We’re also working on the payment system with Stripe.com to make sure we offer the best paying experience possible.

That’s it for now, but we will keep blogging about all the new improvements that will come with the new release (including an awesome new styling system that will allow users to completely redesign their group, including the HTML, CSS and JS!). In the meantime, scroll down this page, move your mouse and let your creativity flow :) (Courtesy Paul Irish and Mr Doob)